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Aljazeera Drug Store Company

Aljazeera Drug Store Company was established in 2000 as a drug and cosmetics distribution company in Jerusalem. The company grew quickly from its initial 2 employees to over 30 staff members including 10 sales employees covering the West Bank, Gaza, Jerusalem and some parts of Israel. Aljazeera is a sister company of AL-Hekma medical center with over 14000 members (Kopat Holim Clalit) 3 pharmacies; 70 staff members in total, including family doctors, pediatricians, specialists, emergency room services, medical lab, X-Ray and various services. Aljazeera provides various brand names of leading drug companies, vitamins and supplements with offices in Jerusalem and West Bank. Aljazeera is a leading distributor in the Palestinian market with a vast network that covers hospitals, medical centers, pharmacies, and food supplements supplies. Also, we have business relations with leading doctors in various specialties.


Abdo Bakhatan:

General Manager and principal partner. As a General Manager and principle partner of Aljazeera with over 10 years experience as business man and as pharmacist , he Managed to transform Aljazeera from simple operation to current size offering leading products and brand names with wide range of client from pharmacies, medical center and hospitals. Abdo has a 4 years pharmacist degree.

Na'eem Baktan:

Deputy General Manager and oversee AL-Hekma medical center. Naeem runs day-to-day operation of Al-Hekma medical center. He provides guidance and strategic planning for Aljazeera.

Jamal Najib:

Business Consultant Jamal Najib is a business consultant with over 25 years experience providing business and project planning, technology services in the information technology market, software development including over 20 years experience in the Silicon Valley California.

our mission

Our goal is to provide our clients with the latest and best products with the best prices to compete more effectively. To provide our clients with added value and provide them with products that caters to their needs.

our vision

Our vision is to be a leader in providing leading products of drugs and vitamins to our clients, not only be meeting client’s needs, but also exceeding clients expectations.